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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Keeping the Beat

I'll never forget when my elementary school music teacher told my parents that I had no rhythm. I've been working on that ever since. But even then, my homework was playful, dancing around the living room, moving my feet in time to the Commodores "Brick House."

Through Shaun & Ruby, I may have been redeeemed. I've seen Shaun keep the beat during drum circles at Pumpkin Hollow and with the Love Drums. Then, Friday afternoon, I saw Shaun march in the drumline with the John Overton High School Band. He definitely has it going on.

Then Saturday I got to see the showcase at Tucker Theater. The spirit of Pat Benatar rattled my ears as did most of the sparkling goth/punk/rock/pop ensembles of rock campers. Did the matrons of riot grrrl ever realize it would turn out like this? The Most Fun Part had the hundreds in Tucker Theater out of their seats, hands in the air. Of course I am biased, but Ruby's band was one of the best of the night. I've posted some snapshots from the evening here.

Having seen my daughter and "stepson" (I hate that word!) rock out over two consecutive days, I'm only sad that I can't be in Denver this Friday to see my other "stepson" Rockwave and his partner in musical crime Starla take the stage with The New Waveforms. But hopefully I will see them soon.


At 9:13 AM, Blogger Grace said...

how bout those spirit kids and bio kids huh? amazing as the generations continue and they contribute beyond ourt imaginations wildest most wonderful dreams

hanz had a punk band from age 9-14 (performed at fests and the Roxy the Whiskey a go-go etc)
now he composes, creates "beats" , produces....

I knew Ruby was a star way back in her performing from the womb daze!

and I've seen you dance and i know for sure 9and i teach dance btw) that you do have rhythm !
that other teacher was wrong or perhaps responding to a lack of interest in her anti rythmic teaching style(hah)....


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